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  • Why LogoSlide?

    Why we built LogoSlide and the problem we are solving

    Did we really build an app to make logo slides? Yes, we did. But the why isn't obvious. So before answering the question “Why LogoSlide?” it’s important to understand a few basic theories we had that got us to this point:

    #1 No One Builds Tools For Product Marketers

    Over the last 2 decades every function within tech companies seems to have been inundated with hundreds of products built for customer service, sales, finance and HR needs. But products tailored specifically for product marketers? Good luck finding anything. For a group of folks that solve a lot of different problems for companies, most things are still done in a pretty manual way. This is an opportunity to build products for a vastly underserved, and rapidly growing, group of people.

    #2 Product Marketers Solves A Lot of Different Problems

    Product marketing is still an emerging function of most tech organizations. Whether it’s messaging, positioning, customer marketing, content, sales enablement, or pricing and packaging, product marketers do it all and solve many different problems for organizations. That means there is an opportunity to solve (and automate) a lot of interesting problems across many  different functional disciplines.

    #3 It’s Ok To Solve Small, Simple Problems

    At some point over the last decade most new products have gotten overly prescriptive. Some try to solve hard process problems and others large cross-functional problems across organizations. While admirable, we think a lot of problems product marketers experience day to day are a bunch of small problems that compound quickly and vary widely depending upon the company and team. Our goal over time is to build products that solve small painful problems for product marketers with really simple solutions. 

    So, Why LogoSlide?

    Out of all the problems to solve for product marketers there was always one sales request that bugged our teams the most over the years (yes, really!) which was “Can I get an updated version of our customer logo slide?” It’s not a hard request to manage per se, or even one that takes a lot of brainpower, but, if you have a growing list of customers of different sizes, locations, and industries keeping things current and relevant can be a time sucking task for product marketers.

    And hey, even though it bugged us we understood the need. Whether it was going to present to a customer In New York who needed to see similar customers from their industry, or getting the growth team the right customers for a targeted landing page in Japan, the needs always made sense, but just came frequently and required a lot of manual lift. Why? Because managing this request requires someone to go online, type in the customer name, find a transparent logo, and then add it to a slide or design tool. With infinite ways to segment customers, and new customers coming onboard every week, managing these requests for high growth companies takes a lot of time. 

    LogoSlide at its core helps your business articulate social proof in the most relevant, prospect-aligned way more efficiently. And out of all the places we could have started, it made sense for us to solve this first, because (1) It's simple (2) It’s easy to get started with and (3) Doesn't try to dictate processes to you. Meaning, it just solves a damn problem. Whether that problem is an ask for a logo slide for an upcoming meeting or a banner for a new landing page, GTM teams can now create, design, and export their own logo slides from a central customer repository themselves. 

    We love simple products which solve everyday products, and we hope your team can get back hours – if not days – of your life back by using LogoSlide. We have a bigger vision on what’s next, but more to come on that later. Until then, we would love your feedback along the way!