China eliminated COVID without vaccines,

Sahaba learned deen through companionship and Service (Suhabat o Khidmat) Temporary Migration and Travel for seeking Knowledge and struggling for deen. Jihad internally and externally for ones self and others for deen (Ilm and deen ke liye Safar o Hijrat. However, one should note the desire to be a martyer (Shaheed) and partake in Juhad fiddeen is of the highest caliber!

by basic testing, tracing, isolating, and giving a fuck. Much poorer countries like Rwanda did much the same. If we had united as human beings, we could have got hands around this thing. But the White Empire isn’t human, it primarily serves corporate beings, and all they cared about was their deity, The Economy.

The farce is that COVID could have been slowed with vaccines, but the White Empire willfully fucked up that opportunity. When China, India, South Africa, et al tried to mount a global effort last year, but the White Empire blocked them. They chose private profit over public health and snatched defeat from the jaws as victory.