Revive the effort of halal earnings and trade.

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Technology, made simple. Will increase your productivity and halal earnings.


The data transformer and interpreter, visualizer, and analytical deviser. Extract, transform, and load to beautiful dashboards to get alerts and gain insights.


The glue that sticks everything together. Contains your company portal, but also the back-end databases where your company runs on.


Apps with great user experience and super neat interface. Takes care of the interaction between you and a machine.


If this happens, do that. Flow is here for the automation of processes. This is where the real magic happens.

Halal vs Haram earning

Islamic Branding and Purpose

Generate business Ideas, for example an Islamic domain names marketplace for buyers and sellers. To the right is a startup logo for branding.

Get funded for growth and development.

Certain types of investments that are considered unfair or unethical under Shariah law are prohibited, restricting Muslims from investing in many forms of conventional investment vehicles.